10 most sensitive hot spots on male bodies, according to research

#1. His face.

This is a very important erogenous zone of your beloved, because the skin here is full of a lot of nerve endings.

#2. The back of his neck.

This is again the strongest erogenous zone for many men.

#3. His lips.

Lips are much more sensitive than fingertips and even more sensitive than facial skin, which is considered rather tender. Touch them with your lips or nails.

#4. His butt.

This is a special place where stroking, slapping and biting is appropriate.

#5. His skin.

Touch all his skin with your hands.

#6. His ears.

Touch them often with your hands or lips. He will like this.

#7. His back.

This area is often neglected and there are few erogenous zones on the back. Massage movements are best done from the top down. You can touch his back, not only with your hands, but with your breast or your hair.

#8. Torso.

Quite often, women like the male abdomen, and this is not always a pumped torso with cubes of the press. According to experts, this may be due to some kind of intimacy of this part of the body, access to which is only from close people.

#9. Hands.

Hands are an amazing part of the body, which can be completely different. They can be unusually gentle while touching their beloved.

#10. Eyes.

With the help of a glance you can create a spiritual connection with a person, look into his soul, read desires and thoughts.