10 Things You Should Never Do in Love

There Are Few Things You Should Never Do in Love and Here We State Few Among Them.

1. Pay for Everything:

Ill the time we all experience love, we are already grown up and start earning money. But earning enough and growing young does not mean you need to pay for every date or every meet with your boyfriend. Being a part, your guy equally carries responsibilities to share the expense and pay there.  To be frank, if you are so nice every guy would love to hold a glass of wine and some sandwiches with you, not once but till the time you pay.

2. Neglect your Career for Love:

Yes, it is understood being in love drives away all the punctuality and pulls some sort of craziness in you. But your love should never be at the cost of career. Many girls fall in love since school times, and change all their streams and choices for their love, so that they are accompanied together for life. Life changes, so the destiny. So, you need to be independent by your own career and grow up as independent women.

3. Go Asking Money from Friends:

Not every time your bank is swelling with a good amount. Sometime it happens you have your dear ones birthday and there is no cash or funds with you. Owing to this problem, it is incorrect to ask money from friends and then gifting your man an expensive gift. Source of money from friends and relatives for your love is simply that does not sound good. Emergencies are all fine, but if this happens repeatedly they will keep names.

4. Change your Diet:

If you love being a non-vegetarian it is sometime very awesome. If at all you are changing your diet or decided to change your diet than this should be with your choice and only your choice. Eating and living on someone else’s diet is something which is not appropriate. It is not your man to judge you with your choices and food. So, eat , digest whatever you love.

5. Forget your Friends:

This is the most common thing what happens to person who is newly in love.  In general, when you fall in love for the first time or perhaps even the fifth time, it becomes easy to forget your friends and be with that one person whom you thought gave happiness to you. But you should never do like this. Get grounded, sticked  by your friends and make them feel they are wanted in your life.

6. Change your Dressing for Him:

He does not love a particular dress, and this is perhaps the only reason for trashing one of the favorite dresses. You should dress according to your choice and comfort where it shows up some fashion and love for your dress.  On a general, no partner should pressurise her on choices of cloths she should wear or put her wardrobe haul on question.  You deserve the new tweaks and perks of being dressed in new cloths, but that does not mean your guy is the one who decides what you should always be up to. Believe me and wear your choice, he is the one who is always there to compliment you.

7. Get a Tattoo:

Getting a tattoo is one of the latest fashions that make everyone go gaga over them. But the question pops when it comes to the design and the place where this tattoo is to be placed. The general fashion is getting your boyfriend’s initial or name, where people are sure to question you on the same. Even if you are married, you should never get a tattoo stating his name or initial, but it is not logical and still not widely acceptable in the society. Well, this is completely your choice!

8. Bad Mouth About your Family:

In relationship with him or simply married, you should never bad mouth about your family to your fiancée.  You need to lots more in life where saying such complicated things can land you in trouble after marriage. You certainly are unprepared where such things would be considered more seriously.  You need to act like a grown up, even if your family members are not accepting your fiancée till now. In that case, apart from hatred, you don’t need to bad mouth about family but in fact try to get back together and one.

9. Telling your Boyfriends’ Story:

This is very common with young people, when you get into fight with your partner and this continuous for few days.  After few days of fights, you develop the tendency of hatred, sometime jealousy and anger on him. During such period you get hooked on with some relatives, friends, aunties, your partner’s friends and start speaking bad amount him. Remember, if you want to share you can share with some trustworthy people and not such people whom you doubt may go back and speak to your partner. These people would remember these stories till last, which can be a danger to your relationship.

10. Share Some Dirty Secret About your Female Friends:

Do you think sharing is very important in ever relationship? Well, yes it is important unless and until you are sharing something relevant and logical with your man. Sharing some dirty secrets about your female friends with your partner is simply not good. Remember, your friends have shared the secret with your just because they trusted you. Don’t let anyone know anything which was not meant to be known.
These were few tips for every girl on what she should never do in love.