7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Shave Pubic Hair

Shaving one’s pubic hair is as common as they come. Some do for clean sexual intercourse, some because they don’t like body hair. It is after all, their body and their call on how to take care of it.

Yet, shaving pubes might actually not be such a good idea. And it isn’t just us who is saying this. There have been studies that tell us how one should not shave their pubic hair completely. But, it must be maintained that you ARE allowed to maintain it.

Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t shave your pubes:


Ironically, the reason why we usually shave our pubes (i.e for better intercourse), would be better if we actually didn’t shave it. Pubes contain pheromones that make us sexually more alluring to our partners. To put it simply, it gives us the musky smell that is unique to us, and help in stimulating our partners to a heightened state of sexual arousal.

Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum Contagiosum is a disease which affects our pubes when we shave off the hair. In fact, it is an infection that affects us especially when we go for shaving. It leads to rashes and makes the place hideous to look at. It also itches you know!


Hair removal doesn’t just end there. It can prove to be an entry point for bacteria that would love to settle in the abscesses left by hair follicles. And, these abscesses can only be removed by following a strict regimen of antibiotics, ointments, and sometimes, operation. Needless to say, operation always carries a risk with it.

Time Spent

It is no surprise that an inordinate amount of time is spent trying to remove pubic hair. And not just time, it takes a lot of precision to not cut ourselves. All these added together might in itself be a huge turnoff for you. One would always like to look good, but would you spend an hour to remove hair from your body? Wouldn’t your time be spent better in some other direction? Think about it.

Body Temperature

Interestingly, your pubes control and maintain your body temperature. It is because of the presence of certain sebaceous glands located near the hair follicles which secret oils. These oils cool down the skin after evaporating. So, don’t shave off your pubic hair, for that would result in your body heating up to a degree you might not be comfortable with.


Having a garden down there would definitely help you prevent sexually transmitted infections like genital warts and herpes. Removing them completely leaves you significantly vulnerable.


Having no hair down there can always lead to friction burns while you are fornicating. There would be chafing and burns if you try out some special moves. So, why not have some hair that would provide a soft cushion and prevent unnecessary bruises all over the place. And no one wants that, right? It would be even more painful if you are re-growing and the prickly short stubs bruise you.

Take care of your pubes. They have multiple functions for your body.