Don’t Ever Ignore These Symptoms on Your Body

Hormonal imbalance is one of those things that you never really know you have until things become too messy, which is why it’s  always advisable to pay attention to your body.

Without you even realizing it, your body can tell you so many things, you just need to pay close attention to the details and the signs that it’s giving out. Sometimes some things that you think just happen out of the blue, are actually there as a result of your body trying to point out that something is wrong with it.

So, to end the doubt, here we have 8 important symptoms of hormone imbalance that you can see on your appearance:

1. Acne

Acne can be caused by many things, some of which include a poor diet, changing hormone levels or improper skincare. Some acne here and there is nothing to worry about, but if your case of acne is persistent, that could be a sign of a hormonal imbalance, especially around your jaw.

2. Excess Weight

Nowadays it seems like everyone has excess weight, but if you’re eating healthily, exercising, doing everything right and STILL can’t seem to shake off those extra pounds, then it might be something else.

3. Sweating

Again, excessive sweating might be something you need to look into.

4. Fatigue

Hormonal imbalance can disrupt your sleep and make you constantly tired, which might result in fatigue. In fact, progesterone helps you sleep more soundly, but if the levels drop too low, then your sleep may suffer.

5. Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

As a result of what we mentioned above, you’ll get dark circles around your eyes, so this is definitely worth looking into.

6. Hair Loss

We’re not talking about shedding when everyone’s shedding, or after pregnancy or something like that – we’re talking constant shedding. Go see a doctor.

7. Depression

Depression is basically a disbalance in the hormones, sometimes triggered by emotions, but sometimes it’s just triggered by a hormonal imbalance.

8. Breast Changes

If you notice something strange concerning your breasts, then don’t hesitate to visit a doctor.