Never Touch These Body Parts!

Touching certain parts of our body is a habit all of us have. Just take Raphael Nadal as an example – he has to do his “touching routine” every time before serving, careless whether there are people around or not.

However, let’s put the social behavior standards aside and discuss the real problem behind touching certain body parts with your bare hands – health issues!

Our fingers are touching the keyboard, money, doorknobs, tables and chairs etc …these are filled with bacteria, and you just can’t wash your hands every time you touch something. That’s why you should never touch yourself with bare hands on these parts of your body:

The skin under your nails

That dirt that couldn’t get out even with washing your hands, should never be picked with your hands! There are so many germs, and if you try picking them out, you might end up stuffing them even further down, possibly even opening a scar and pushing them directly into the skin and blood!

Your butt

The an*s contains bacteria that could potentially be harmful – always wash after going to the toilet! Also, don’t pick it out or scratch it out with too much toilet paper, because it might cause the development of hemorrhoids.

Your eyes

Because the eyes are so soft and contain liquid substance, they are very easy to get irritated or absorb the germs with their sticky liquid. Make sure never to touch your eyes during the day, or, if you did, wash them off with cold water and gently, without rubbing. Conjunctivitis and other similar bacterial infections are very easy to catch.

The ear canal

The ear is a very sensitive canal and ear picking should be cautiously forbidden. The thin layer lines in the ear could be easily torn up with just the force of a finger, or scratched with our nails. Eczema of the skin and other infections, also, was accumulations might be easily created with constant ear picking. If you feel scratchy ear, better scratch with a napkin, but gently.

Our face

The skin on the face is really gentle, compared to the skin on other parts of our bodies. No wonder acne and redness can easily occur on the face! Plus, the pores on the face get really visible and irritated, and sometimes, they can stay open and forever harm the beauty of your face!

Your mouth

Last but not least, the canal from which we feed and put stuff from outside in our blood system should be the last place on earth you should stick your fingers! Nail biting and similar activities are so horrible. Just imagine all the germs you’re infecting your body with. 

Find something to keep your fingers occupied if you just can’s keep them still and further off these body parts. Draw something when bored, play finger games, but stay off these body parts, especially the face and mouth!