Scientists claim: People are not using sanitizer properly!

It’s the era of the coronavirus and it seems that everyone is paying extra attention to germs these days. Yes, most of us are using sanitizers and are taking all precautions in order to prevent the virus from infecting us, but the real question here is – are we doing it the right way?

We’ve been through the whole washing-hands-for-20-seconds procedure quite a few times by now and we know how important it is for our hands to be clean and germ-free. However, sometimes, for example, when we go grocery shopping or run to the gas station, we need a quick fix for the germs we’ve touched by that point, but usually water and soap are not an option. So the next best thing is hand sanitizer, but unless you know the correct way to use hand sanitizer, it’s not going to protect you from coronavirus germs.

The CDC conducted a study about how to use hand sanitizer to get rid of coronavirus germs. The study revealed that many people are using hand sanitizer incorrectly. But here we have a video that you can watch and fully understand how to properly use hand sanitizer.

Let’s not forget – if you actually have access to soap and water, it’s way better than hand sanitizer, but on the other hand – since you sometimes don’t have access to soap and water – if you use hand sanitizer correctly, it can be very effective. In short, here’s what you need to know:

  • Make sure the sanitizer you’re using contains 70+ % of alcohol.
  • You need to rub the hand sanitizer into your hands for a full 30 seconds.
  • Be sure you cover all parts of the hand – in between the fingers too.

So, can you say that you have been using hand sanitizer correctly? Does it not surprise you that you need to rub it into your hands longer than you’re washing your hands with soap and water?