Which Egg Do You Think Came From a Healthy Chicken?

Eggs can provide impressive health benefits as part of a balanced diet. Do all eggs really taste the same, and does that reflect on how healthy or unhealthy they are?

The difference between a healthy, and unhealthy egg can be very difficult to spot. Eggs are an inexpensive ingredient for cooking with a high quality of protein. Therefore, better egg quality is essential for your health.

More importantly, try to consume healthy eggs from farm chickens, because they offer many health benefits, unlike the factory chickens.

As you can see in the picture above, there are 3 types of egg yolks displayed. The first yolk is a very dark orange yolk, the second yolk is a yellow yolk, and the third yolk is a light orange color. Do you know which eggs, came from healthy chickens?

In any case, here you will learn how to recognize which eggs came from a healthy chicken:

1. Egg with a dark orange yolk

Dark orange yolks indicate that the egg comes from a healthy chicken, raised on a farm with the natural terrain and all the daylight. Additionally, these chickens are fed with grains, grass insects, including crickets, spiders, and grasshoppers.

Therefore, this is a major reason why the yolks of these eggs are richer in nutrition and offer more health benefits.

2. Egg with yellow yolk

On the other hand, this egg usually comes from factory chickens and can be bought from a big supermarket. In fact, these chickens are raised in disastrous conditions, in huge factories.

Chickens raised in big factories are fed with grains only, deprived of sunlight and enough space, plus there is lots and lots of filth. Also, these chickens are being hatched in incubators, which is not a natural process at all.

Now, you know which eggs came from a healthy chicken, as these health benefits are countless.