Author: Jackie Smith

Is Your Olive Oil Heart Healthy?

Olive oil has a deservedly good reputation as a healthful oil, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (specifically oleic acid) and compounds called polyphenols. The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, notably improved cardiovascular health, are attributed in part to the inclusion of less-processed, high-polyphenol extra virgin olive oil–the highest grade. Following are the key differences […]

5 Ways to Fortify Your Immune System

As medical and public health experts around the world continue to warn about the dangers of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, one message is abundantly clear—if you’re an older adult, you’re at increased risk of severe disease and death if you contract it. That’s because your immune system doesn’t function as well as you grow […]

Why Menopause Matters

First, some perspective: If we menstruate, it is likely that about half our lives will happen post-menopause. Long time, right? Of course this interval will vary depending on our overall health, genetics (our age at menopause is likely to be similar to our mothers’ and grandmothers’), and many other factors. But the average female lifespan […]

Reduce risk of breast cancer

November is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and since this is the most common cancer diagnosis for American women, we’d like to discuss ways to be proactive about prevention while improving overall wellness.  Though it’s common to have the fear of developing breast cancer — with little hope beyond surgery and chemo — there is a lot of […]